Dimensions and Traps (Anomalies, Demos, 4trk)


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Unreleased songs, Demos, Cassette 4trk, whatever we want. Some songs stay available here for awhile, some for only a day...


released September 6, 2016

See song by song.



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Mike Law, Yasmin Reshamwala, Becca Huston, Brandon Collins.

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Track Name: Bloodline (Cassette 4trk)
Born into a bloodline, you didn't grow those teeth because you earned it.
Track Name: Cloudbursting
We use it up,
we use it up.
Pretty and vacant now,
but always now.

We're cloudbursting.

You're my favorite liar.
I know you're gone deathly heartbeat.

We're cloudbursting.

Let's destroy ourselves,
my sweet dreaming.
Blindfold catch,
with this revolver.
I am you,
my favorite liar.
Track Name: Dimensions and Traps (Cassette 4trk)
I walk beside the red.
Count to ten,
and then ten,
and then ten.
My mind sings a song lost since.
Christmas lights flicker and dim,
and then dim,
and then dim.

You crawl down to the sin,
get lost in a thousand ends.
Hands clenched, body spins,
I stood there forever.
Or crawled in?

Night time garden of heat,
percolating down like a church bell beat.
Waves cast out secrets like a field of grass.
Dimensions and traps.
Dimensions and traps!
How about that?
Dimensions and traps?

You push through to the red,
or collapse instead?
Your names all add to subtract.
I just want to take it all back.
Take it all back..

You burst through to the red,
and the turquoise archers,
on their turquoise horses.
Helicopters hit by arrows,
the dark sea,
and the darker night sparrows.

Gas station brutes in prose disguise,
lead glazed depression in two tone tiles,
petroleum Bakelite cracked toxic for miles,
Big static radio fuzz crackles gorgeous forever,
the long fade out of the jackhammer.
Total non-descript short wave sickness,
short wave vultures,
short wave victims.
Side bet: Junky latex turn around
thin slide of slight of hand track laid down.
Cyanide weekday avalanche decay.
Siamese twins in black and white,
and the green of jade.
Dimensions and traps.
Dimensions and traps!
Dimensions and traps?
Dimension and trapped.
Track Name: cadence-triple-line (Cassette 4trk)
Lightbulb like the sun in a small room,
throws shadows like mountains in a full moon.
Iodine trees whose limbs just cough.
Them leaves get heavy so they,
shake em off, off, off.

She drifts asleep to the hum outside.
The hum in my head won't subside.
I count the guards pace a straight line.
I count the guards until the end of time.

The crystal ball split a middle line,
the fortune teller was a friend of mine.
I wrote this cadence across the sky.
I wrote this cadence across the sky.

Where traitors walk I cut the line.
Filled up my pockets let the truth be lies.
The victims add up and I'll get mine,
I wrote this cadence across the sky.

So they wait outside and wait outside.
by the bread, and butter, and barley line.
They wait outside with sticks and chairs,
for the blood they crave, I guess I don't care.

They'll crown a king, a trash heap god,
from a place where I belong.
With bamboo words and kerosene eyes,
an old book prayer I memorized.
With kamboo words and berosene eyes,
an old book prayer I memorized.

I wrote this cadence across the sky.
It's good to know truth's a friend of lies.

I wrote this cadence across the sky.
Track Name: Wake the Ghosts (Cassette 4trk)
You will be safe with duct tape,
hemlock branches burst and kill off all,
hopes pace, displaced,
flowers flow out pollen paste.
The words your rights are written in are in lowercase,
then reshaped.

Potted plants are ALL need.
You are stuck their hurt with wall painted,
obscene, unclean,
leaves weave up a dead tree
with letters the alphabet ruined,
and heated up your disease,
then repeat:
Wake the ghosts.

Radio signals reach and teach,
the untruth,
fortified with calcium and no proof,
fills the air in a frequency
that just doesn't "happen to be"
tightly around your neck in a noose.
Wake the ghosts.

Sent out signals to Old Father Christmas' troops,
let loose.
While mourners march in quiet retreat,
nailing fact sheets to their feet.
They are missing those who did not leave
and are still alive for them to see,
we introduce ourselves eternally in a farewell toast?
We are the silent living,
they're the loud ghosts.
La la la la la.
Track Name: Bruise Colored Night (Cassette 4trk)
Bruise colored night wraps the skyline
and this 4am was born on the fourth of July.
This 4am was born when the needle lifted
and the radiator sang the only song it could sing.

The heat in your memory said that we were lonely
the promise of you was always the worst thing.
I know loneliness was our battle cry.
While a rope on a pulley pulled the plane through the sky.

My tongue forever blue surrenders to the silence,
Judas and Delila tricked Pontius Pilot.
Spring tells a lie in the bruise colored night
and this 4am was born on the fourth of July.
Track Name: Sincere Guy (Cassette 4trk)
I couldn't love you, but I tried so hard when I lied.
Track Name: YRH
If every word that I say is a lie,
then that makes every heartbeat an alibi.
If you try to map these veins,
you won't get back to the start.
You were what I was thinking,
there's no need to wonder, what.

Now I count on rain for every holiday.
I miss you more every minute.
I wonder why you let me go away.
And the umbrella,
it just fell apart.
The water came crashing in,
enough to drench my heart.
There's no way I could love you more,
no way I could,
love you more.

So I plead to get back to the start,
I wouldn't leave you for a minute,
I know I would fall apart.
Now I count on rain for every holiday.
The forecast was for blue skies,
but the drops just pound away.

So I plead to get back to the start,
for the truth would kill,
my young romantic heart.
Track Name: Pale Hits
Pale Hits
I want this feeling gone,
I want this simplified.
Pale hits are in the air.
Crystal corners of my mind.

You've got this magic pulse.
I want you hypnotized.
No thinking in-between.
No time to wonder why.

I've got this feeling solved.
You're sleeping under ice.
Pale hits are in-between.
Notice it's no disguise.

I've got this feeling wrong,
no way to synthesize.
Pale hits are in the air.
No way to wonder why.

Anyway I can't recall,
you've got this magic pulse.
A way to be in love,
A way to be in love.

I've got this in-between,
you've got this standard time.
I forget to be here.
Your mind is not mine.

I've got this feeling wrong,
I hope you'll just be quiet.
With wings fly in-between,
the breeze and all this silence.

I've got this meaning here,
beside this twilight time.
No faster you'll receive,
no acting waste this time.

I know it's not in pulse,
I pray this number lied.
Feed it cut in-between,
a song and lullaby.

I've got this feeling gone.
I want this simplified.
Pale hits of the night,
the dark hits of my mind.

I hear the Danube song.
Breathing in Danube night.
Your hair I walk upon,
just lost that touch of light.

I want this feeling gone,
I want this simplified.
No feeling in-between,
the crystal corners of my mind.
Track Name: Long Past The End
Long Past The End
I know you'll come meet me in the morning.
I'll wait up all night to prove I'm right.
When the dawn arrives,
with tears in my eyes.
I'll stand in the daylight and hope I'm right.
I'll stand in the light and know I'm right.

I can't resist your appearing,
but the part I cannot stand is your disappearing.
Poseidon's sirens sing to me, so endearing,
But by the banks of your river I can't hear them.
While your ocean eyes fill the sea I can hear them,
when your ocean eyes fill the see I can't hear them.

Long past the end it still hurts,
and the lingering effects are even worse.
When complete desolation dulls the dagger turn,
there is nothing anymore except this word,
and it's hurt,
and it's hurt,
and it's hurt,
and it's hurt,
and it's hurt,
and it's hurt,
It is hurt,
It is hurt,
It is her,
It is her,
It is her,
It is her.
Track Name: More
I know you only wanted more,
and every day felt so long.
You stirred up some war,
but had no flag to fly,
when all I ever wanted was more.

A slingshot could not cut you down.
Slicing your heals could not slow you.
Blue eyes of war,
thrash all over.
When all I ever wanted,
was more.

Heart in your hand like a picture.
You said your wounds were all gifts.
Hollow sounds, wander around.
When all I ever wanted was more.

Medicine holds you in place.
The promise of never cuts your eyes.
You stand up straight,
into the fire.
Blue eyes of war,
conquer and divine.
When all I ever wanted was more.