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Recorded in a practice space in Brooklyn, at night.


released November 18, 2014

Songs- Mike Law Shiny Shoes ASCAP.
Mike Law- Voice and other instruments, Shiori Takenshita- Drums,
Recorded by Mike Law
Mixed by Jeremy Scott for Civil Defense.



all rights reserved



Mike Law, Yasmin Reshamwala, Becca Huston, Brandon Collins.

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Track Name: Ruiner
You never heard about me,
so I don't need a name anymore.
Tell everyone,
Andromeda's dead.
Tell everyone, everyone,
I drew the constellations,
but there's no consolation,
for the loneliness of this Telestar.

Tell everyone, everyone.

This is the last one,
you'll never hear.
It took so long to fail,
Speaks vicious tones,
drops the sky like a tower.
Prosaic choir sing,
"Don't ever speak of me again",
but tell everyone, everyone.

This is the last time,
no one will hear these lies.
I am the last in a long line,
of ruiners.

Don't ever speak of me but tell everyone.
Track Name: Hey Liar
You're talking in secrets,
makes you a liar to someone.
I'd give you anything to believe this,
I would give you anything.

Maybe you're a custom.
Maybe you're in-between,
Maybe you wear a guillotine.

I black out,
the colors never change.
Just try to hold him there,
until no breath remains.
Maybe you're nowhere.
Maybe you're in-between.
Maybe you wear a guillotine, are guilty.
Hey liar
Track Name: Ariel
Ariel, I'll be asleep in the morning.
In this cell, my voice echoes endlessly.

Ariel, I'll be asleep if I can breathe.
Track Name: Pleasure
I'm talking in secrets,
there's a wind with this rain.
The sixteen hooves are pounding,
and the twilight ricochets.
The thorn bush is still burning among
the stalks of sugarcane,
and your hair is hanging down
in the sweetest decay.
Across the street from my stormy weather,
in the temple money's exchanged.
By a silver spoon burnt to heaven and black
head and heart on fire
and endless attack
Dad's cutting off circulation,
brother never asks for explanations,
he's got his hands around his own neck,
and a fear of complications.

Because the skeletons never know they're dead.
It's so easy to fill up the hate in this head
Speed speaking in tongues,
caught alive under your thumb, your thumb.
This cold doesn't stop no matter what the season,
this cold doesn't stop no matter what the reason,
but the cold is inside of you,
frozen blood is inside of you.
Delicate soliders don't come back,
standing in their costumes,
false gods and fake flags,
we've all been undressed in our loneliness and robbed.
You're breaking apart but you were always just a piece,
and I'm lost forever, in never, being.
I can never wait, I can never decide which hate,
I love the most in me.

Everything's just hopelessly inside of me.
Deliverance with a forked tongue but I still wish that,
I didn't expect futility,
I didn't crave duplicity,
And the sound of a bone breaking from brutal need,
wasn't the siren of heaven calling me.
Angelic dark and the trumpets sing,
virtueless hate fills my waking dreams.
Of all I hope,
and all I need,
of all I want,
and want is me.
The lustful trades and the lies they breed,
like parasites I can't wait to eat,
so if the spires got to feed,
then feed on me,
I parallel and kill my own meat,
the light decay's in a minor key,
and the rays scream around my head, no, no.

The liars march through the electric blue dreaming,
forced out the side door as a distraction believing,
that there's a way out,
but there's no way that's out.

She, she's collapsed in the corner on the carpet pleading,
Me, I'm in the back by the ballast barely breathing,
We, we sing you a song,
about a fire on your arm,
On your arm.

Will you still go on when the pleasures gone?
Track Name: I Dream of Fevers
I dream of fevers,
in motion.
Sung on a carousel,
and bridges.
Do they believe you?
The heat it holds.
Pure element,
a quiet prism.
So it's decided,
you're never leaving,
forever waiting,
well, I am with you.
Siamese sickness,
fly crystal hurricane.
Cuts us apart,
I'll always leave you.


Empty feelings,
of my practice heart,
In my practice life,
we'll all go away.
I want to lay here,
exhale a hurricane.
The columns fall down,
and disintegrate.

Say the word liar,
it suits you.
A perfect language,
for you to speak with.
You burn to crystal,
staring at the top.
I'm cold in this in-between,
vicious everything.


I dream of fevers,
in motion,
spoken cocaine,
and devoured.
Don't ever speak to me,
it was all wasted,
and you just remind me,
that it's all over.

Say the word liar,
it suits you.
A perfect language
for you to speak with.
Say the word liar,
it suits you.
A perfect failure,
of your everything.
Say the word liar,
I notice,
comma, coma, define sickness.
You burn to crystal,
staring at the top,
you're telling secrets,
I dream of fevers.

I dream of fevers.
Track Name: All of You
Bit your lip,
the blood caked.
The feeling made,
the lust seem fake.
Blurred your eyes,
wrote down your name.
I didn't care,
the price was stain.
The blood caught fire,
in your hand.
How do you wait,
How do you wait?
The bloods on fire,
I wish you'd leave.
Please don't' be,
don't ever think of me.
All of you.

Bit your lip,
swallowed it straight.
Teeth were red,
then white again.
Held in place,
mouth to the sky.
Enough to feed,
don't ever think of me.
All of you.
Track Name: Wrong Life
I walked around looked everywhere but I can't feel better.
I held a dozen of you in my hands but I can't feel better.

I lived the wrong life,
drowned the horses.
I ate the moonlight,
please reverse this.

Dreamed myself up couldn't stand but I can't feel better.
I doubled you to sight and hand but I can't feel better.
On knees I covered you both but I can't feel better.
I painted walls and lips one stroke but I can't feel better.

I lived the wrong life,
drowned the horses.
I ate the moonlight,
please reverse this.

Please reverse this.
Track Name: Disease
To the point of disease,
I've willed it to be.
When the truth comes to light,
I choke it back to the night.
I can't let you out,
the heat that you shout.
The hope in your eyes,
I hope that it dies.

Ha, ha.

I'm desperate to breathe,
the air of deceit.
When Lazarus arrives,
we'll great him with knives.
I can't make this stop,
I pace the ides and drop.
I've practiced this sickness,
I won't ask for forgiveness.

Ha, ha.

No one here could live under this weight,
no one here could live under this weight,
no one here could live under this weight.
Track Name: F
Your heart, your heart,
on a string tore apart.
Marching men picked it up,
A pebble in each of their socks and failure all over me.

Szeretlek, szeretlek,
sing to the ether sing to the end.
Climb the ladder as it bends,
bury your words in the the sand and failure all over me.

Stretched a sound etched a sound.
On a hill yelled it out.
An echo turned it right around and failure all over me.